Ærth, mercator

Ærth, Mercator Projection

Ærth is the name of the world upon which dwell those whose sentience is worthy of note. The learned describe other worlds that circle our Sun, but their existence and/or disposition is at best conjecture and at worst fantasy. There are, in addition, other worlds accessible through arcane magicks, but these are best left undiscovered.

Physical TraitsEdit

The world of Ærth contains six major continents: the arctic land of Boreand; the mostly northern continents of Ærind and Baq-Keer; the equatorial wilds of Grenultia; and the southern continents of Al'zidari and Prattaya. The antarctic regions are covered by an ice cap that grows and recedes with the seasons.

Ærth has three moons, each with a regular period of 60 days and which are conjectured to affect magicks by their phases. There is an annual progression of 360 days in a year , with four seasons recognized in the temperate (and civilized) areas of the world.