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Without a doubt, the sage Ceadda stands preeminent among the oligarchs that wield influence in Trease and shares the council of the wise across all of Ærind (if not beyond). It is said that there are few secrets that Ceadda does not know, and fewer yet that he does not know exist. From his offices in the upper rooms of the Great Library, Ceadda and his students scour the continent for lost arcana, mundane facts, and current intrigue, collecting and compiling all in the codices that ever-increasingly fill the shelves of the Library.

Early Career

Ceadda was not always the consummate scholar, but rather in his younger days he is rumored to have tread many a path across the lands of Ærind, though Ceadda himself has revealed few details of his personal affairs to even the most trusted of his friends. His precise homeland is unknown, but it is adjudged that he hails from some country of the northlands for it is there that he first appears in the chronicles of Ærind. His name is associated with many adventures to recover lost relics and forgotten lore, delving deep in ruins and secret places in the wilds of Ærind. He is known as an elf-friend, one of the few humans granted free intercourse with the rulers of the secret realms of the Fae. He is rumored to have crossed the western deserts and traversed the jungles of the south, in pursuit of ends known only to himself.

The Sage of Trease

In Year 3247 of the Fourth Age , Ceadda arrived at Trease and seized control of the ancient Library there. The Library itself had existed in somewhat obscurity for hundreds of years, despite its earlier reputation as a pinnacle of learning. Ceadda drove out the then current Magister and his inept students. Once established, he called students from across all of Ærind, and in the generation since, together they have done much to restore the ancient vigor of this storehouse of knowledge. Though the pursuit of knowledge is a noble end unto itself, it is surmised that the researches for which Ceadda has harnessed the energies of the Library have some purpose known only to the Sage himself. From this base, Ceadda sends excursion across the continent, seeking out hidden information and receives those who would learn the knowledge so collected. Such inquiries rarely comes without a price, however, and the foolish treat with Ceadda at their peril; for he is whispered to be a master of political intrigue, both within Trease and across the whole of Ærind, trading the secrets of the powerful and wielding the wisdom of antiquity to fulfill his goals.

RPG Stat Block

Ceadda Mikellson  //  Neutral Good  //  STR 14 INT 18 WIS 15 DEX 15 CON 14 CHA 13

Male Human (?) Bard, Level 19  //  Magister of the Great Library (Trease)